Weekend update – November 23, 2015

Weekend Update

November 23, 2015

An early start yesterday and a strong showing Friday. I bet Roy W is glad he was here…thanks to people smart enough to show up before the weather rolled in. Thanks to everyone who worked to get as many people up as possible in as little time as possible. Austin, you are simply the best in freefall! You just look like you are having so much fun!

When the guys from Lincoln Sport Parachute Club turn up it is a pretty good indication that the weather up north is now bringing those folks down south!

Flying every weekend

Gregory thanks for bringing family to our place. Christine when you need a break from studying the marsh we hope you will come see us again. Roy and Doug thanks for choosing AFF as your first jump option. Bold.

Roy you look awesome when you smile and relax! (While falling to the planet at 120mph!)

Beau your entire family was a great addition to this place, thanks for bringing them to watch you jump out of our airplane.

Roy, Katie and Greg rapidly working toward the A license. “Tearing it up.” Larry thanks for teaching packing and ground school. Sean thanks for the 1900′ plane ride.

It is a “light (warm) drizzle” with the cloud base at 10,000 according to the AWOS. Predicted to improve. You cannot jump if you are not here. I bet Sean Coots gets loads up today, he certainly tried yesterday!