Skydiving Staff-
The Jumping Place Skydiving Center’s Staff bios

Catherine Kloess = Pack ‘n’ Cathy
Ratings: FAA Master Parachute Rigger (Back, Seat, Chest), Commercial Pilot, Instrument & Multi-Engine ratings, USPA AFF, S/L, and Instructor Aided Deployment instructor ratings.


Pack ‘n’ Cathy in 1992 with her daughter Mariah on her back

Cathy made her first jump in 1986 and she’s the one you will talk to if you call the DZ. She has over 2000 skydives to date.
Since 1989 she has been the owner/operator of The Packing Place, The Jumping Place, Limitless Aviation, LLC. and TJP@JAX, Inc. Jumpers across the US, Puerto Rico and Venezuela know her as Pack n’ Cathy and have allowed her to pay for college educations for all 5 of her children.  Photo Taken in 1992, but could have been taken yesterday!

Larry Ehrlich
Ratings: USPA Coach FAA Commercial, Multi-Engine, Instrument, Types, FAA Senior Rigger (Back, Seat, Chest)

Larry EhrlichLarry worked as an Airline Pilot for over 20 years accumulating over 20,000 flight hours flying everything from Cessna 150’s to Jumbo Jets internationally.

Larry made his first skydive in 1976 and is still skydiving today.

Marcus “McFinn” Finley

Ratings: AFF Senior Rigger (Back), AA University of South Florida

Marcus is the glue that holds The Jumping Place together.  He will probably be the first person you talk to on the day of your jump, and the last before you leave.  Even in the busiest of days he tries to make sure people are at ease before they plummet towards the planet at 120 MPH.  Marcus has packed at over 30 different locations world wide and received his FAA rigging ticket from the legendary Dave Dewolf.


Casey Kloess-Finley

The Fastest Parachute Packer in the world

Ratings: Federal Aviation Administartion Senior Rigger (Back), USPA Coach, USPA AFF Instructor, BSChE University of South Florida

Casey does everything from manifest, to pack, to the internet. If a problem arises he will be able to help out. Casey has packed as many as 101 sport rigs, 7 student, and 32 tandems in one day. Widely considered the fastest parachute packer in the world by himself and many others

Ryan Redfoot
Ratings: USPA Coach, Strong Tandem Master

Ryan Redfoot Augusta Georgia Skydiving

Ryan is a retired US Army Ranger and is an intragal part of The Jumping Place Skydiving Center

4 years
1000+ jumps
T.I., coach, PRO rated, wannabe AFF-I

7 years
1st Bn. 75th Ranger Regiment
6 deployments to Afghanistan
Retired June 2016

2 dogs, 2 cats
Full time Forex trader, skydiver, traveler, fun haver.
Part time Calvin Klein underwear model.


Scott Buethe
Ratings: AFF Coach, AFF Instructor

Scott Buethe Skydiving over Statesboro Georgia

Scott Buethe is an experimental jet test pilot/instructor and AFF skydiving instructor with 40 years of teaching experience. He is a distinguished graduate of Purdue University with BS and MS degrees in aeronautical engineering and specializes in flight dynamics and advanced flight control systems. Chicks dig him because he is kind to animals and has a pretty parachute.

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