Savannah Skydiving Center – October 13, 2016 Update

October 13, 2016

Savannah Skydiving Center – Just Jump!

Hope everyone out there is safe and sound after the Hurricane. Savannah was hard hit, but we are open and the power is restored. come out and skydive to be free of the worries of the ground. Skydive with The Jumping Place Savannah Skydiving Center.

Anyways, first the first time in 4 years in Statesboro we were closed for a weekend. This was agonizing for Cathy and all of our staff and fun jumpers. It’s okay, everyone is safe and sound and we will be open on Friday.

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Casey and Cathy have been working in Lake Wales Florida during the week for the last two weeks. The Florida Skydiving Center has graduated 13 Qatar Army officers to USPA A license and Army Jump Status. Congrats to our allies in Qatar.

Let’s make up for last time and jump this weekend. See you guys Friday. Blue Skies!!!