Valentine Day 2016 Skydiving Special


All inclusive Tandem Skydiving Package with HD Video, Stills, T-shirt, and Jump Certificate for 2 people!

The most complete package offered by The Jumping Place Skydiving Center.

$649 complete Tandem Skydiving Package


Valentine 2016 Skydiving Special – 2 Tandem Skydive w/ HD Video and T-shirts

Complete Tandem Skydiving Package with Jump, Video, Stills, T-shirt and Certificate for you and your loved

The best gift for the love of your life or just a friend that’s struck by Cupid’s Arrow.

The package includes:

  • Tandem Skydiving Experience – Training, Gear Rental, Skydive from 11,000 feet with state of the art equipment and USPA certified Tandem Masters. (Normally $229)
  • HD Handy Cam Video – 1080p HD Handy Cam edited video package that will capture your loved ones experience. (Normally $89) *Note: $10 up-charge for 4 GB  Flash Drive
  • High Resolution Stills – For sharing with all your loved ones. (Normally $69)
  • The Jumping Place Center T-shirt – “I jumped out of a perfectly good Airplane and I got the T-shirt!” (Normally $25)
  • First Jump Certificate and Log Book Entry!

All this TIMES TWO!

Skydiving Package Valued at over $800

Tandem Skydiving in September at The Jumping Place Skydiving Center

Tandem Skydiving was invented in the 1980s and has been an excited way for inexperienced people to try out skydiving.  It’s a great lower stress alternative to Accelerated Free Fall, that allows the student to focus on the skydive and the thrill of everything that is happening.

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