Learn How To Skydive: Gold Package (USPA A License Course)

$3,218.00 $2,649.00

USPA A license course (25 jumps)-

This special prepay pricing saves you over $400 off the USPA A license cost.  At $2649, we will get you to a point where you are cleared for solo-self supervision (not including re-jumps) and develop your skydiving skills so you become proficient..  Over the course of this USPA A license 25 skydive package, you will start your skydiving training and develop into a functional solo skydiver.  This training package is ideal for skydivers that want to get into the sport, and are looking to develop their skydiving safety and skills to a proficient level. Includes: 25 skydives (Instructor slots + Jumper slots), instructors, gear rental, training, radio, packing, packing classes, taxes, fees.


Learn How to Skydive: USPA A License Course  – Gold Package

Gold Package Includes (USPA A License Cost): $2,649

  • 25 Jumps
  • Full 7 Level AFF Course (Bronze Package)
  • All Equipment Rental (Parachute, Jump Suit, Altimeter, Helmet, Goggles, etc.)
  • 3 Coach Jumps
  • Free Log Book
  • Assistance with filling out USPA A license requirements and all tests
  • Free Jumping Place Skydiving Center T-shirt
  • Free Packing Lessons
  • All Taxes included
  • $50 coach jumps inside of your first 25.
  • Full USPA A License Course Cost

Special pre-paid pricing saves you over $400, and your time and energy.  At the discounted $2,649 The Jumping Place Skydiving Center will teach you how to solo skydive and reach all basic USPA A license requirements*. The objective of the gold package is to clear you for solo-self supervision and build your skill level up so you are not only a safe skydiver, but a skilled skydiver (not including re-jumps).  Over the course of this twenty-five skydive package, you will start your skydiving training and develop into a functional solo skydiver.  Your training will then shift to allow you to develop skills on your own and with the assistance of coaches.  This training package is ideal for skydivers that want to learn how to skydive and get the skills required to be a safe and functional skydiver.  This is a great package that shows you the upfront USPA A License Cost, we also offer discounted basic (Altimeter, Helmet, Goggles, Jumpsuit) and advanced (containers/parachute) gear sales.

Category ‘A’ – the First Jump – Category A Jump Ala Carte

After a 4-6 hour long ground school, you will start your skydiving experience.  You will meet with your instructors, gear up, and dirt dive your skydive to see what you need to do during the experience.  After a short plane ride, you will skydive and deploy your parachute.  You will land your own parachute, and debrief your skydive. Category ‘A’ First Jump Skydiving Details…

Category ‘B’ – “beginning to get it” you learn to become more comfortable in the skydiving environment.

After a 20-30 minute dirt dive and dive flow discussion you will begin your B level jump.  The student will perform leg awareness exercises to improve control during Free Fall.  On landing you will be given more control and freedom. Category ‘B’ Skydive Details…

Category ‘C’ – “altitude, arch, legs, relax”

At this point, students have had several opportunities to learn controlled, stable fall. Freefall students (AFF and tandem) have a head start on the point of the next lesson’s Free Fall skills: relaxed control using the procedure, “altitude, arch, legs, relax.”

Tandem and AFF students begin this category with two AFF Instructors but should jump with only one before advancing. Category ‘C’ Skydive Details…

Category ‘D’ – “Developing skills” 2-3 Jumps

AFF Students have learned to safely control Free Fall by keeping track of your altitude, focusing on a neutral body position-especially your hips and legs-and relaxing. In Category D, you’ll learn to control heading by modifying the neutral position using your upper body to deflect air. You will want to demonstrate relatively effortless control of 90-, 180-, and 360-degree Free Fall turns before moving on to aerobatics, introduced in Category E. Category ‘D’ Skydive Details…

Category ‘E’ – “Developing Solo skills” 2-3 Jumps

This is the last category that distinguishes between students of different disciplines. Once you have demonstrated the ability to regain stability and control within five seconds after initiating a disorienting maneuver, a USPA Instructor in your discipline may clear you to jump without instructor supervision in free-fall. At that point, any USPA Instructor may perform gripped exits with you, as well.

In Category E, you practice un-poised (door) exits and aerobatics to increase your confidence, awareness, and control in Free Fall. Students should by now be jumping from the highest altitude available at your drop zone.

Under canopy, you’ll practice for softer landings by looking for the “sweet spot” in the flare-the flaring stroke that provides the best lift for that canopy with that jumper’s weight. The goal is to flare your canopy to fly as flat as possible until you begin to touch down. The USPA Instructor will also remind you of your responsibility (and every jumper’s responsibility) to observe and steer clear of other canopies. Category ‘E’ Skydiving Details…

AFF Gold Package Objectives:

  1. Demonstrated the ability to regain stability and control in freefall within five seconds after initiating a disorienting maneuver.
  2. Demonstrated sufficient canopy control skills to land safely in all expected conditions.
  3. Demonstrated the knowledge required to select and inspect gear before use.
  4. Show knowledge of spotting required to make reasonable judgment about suggested exit points.
  5. Show knowledge of both normal and emergency aircraft procedures for all aircraft types in common use for skydiving.
  6. All USPA A License requirements
  7. Demonstrate stable pull position in 3 seconds or less out of the aircraft
  8. 200 foot track and dives





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