Vidalia Tandem Skydive (Pre-order Discount)


$209 Tandem Skydive! Experience the thrill of Free Fall by skydiving with an experienced tandem skydiving instructor at 120 MPH from over 2 miles above the Earth. Skydive with Georgia’s best skydiving center!


Tandem Skydiving at The Jumping Place Skydiving Center-

The Jumping Place offers Tandem skydiving for first time skydivers to experience the thrill of a lifetime with the assistance of a veteran skydiving instructor.  Your tandem skydive includes all training, equipment, and affiliated costs.  After checking in and signing some paper work you will meet with an USPA certified tandem instructor who will make you feel at ease with your skydiving experience.  After 30 minutes of training and a couple videos, you will begin “suiting up” and be a real skydiver.  After a final equipment check, we load the aircraft and fly to over 2 miles above the ground and get ready for the thrill of a lifetime.  You exit the aircraft attached to your instructor and get to jump out and experience flying for almost a minute and your parachute deploys.  After your parachute is deployed and fully inflated you will be given the controls and be able to fly your parachute for a few minutes.  After about a 10 minute experience your instructor and you will land on the ground.

Free Fall at 120 MPH``
Free Fall at 120 MPH“


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