HD HandyCam Video

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The Jumping Place Skydiving Center offers High Definition Video recordings of your first skydive.  The HD HandyCam Skydive Video is mounted to your instructors arm and offers a unique (1st hand) perspective to every sound, thrill, and reaction of plummeting towards the earth at 120 MPH.  Your skydiving instructor will also interview the student at numerous points during your skydiving training and experience.


High Definition HandyCam Skydiving Video –

The Jumping Place Skydiving Centers Basic Package offers a 5-9 minute long video recording of your first skydiving instruction, free fall, and parachute landing.  The video will start with you on the ground and a short interview of how you the student are feeling.  You then board the plane and have an “any last words” interview.  The student then climbs out of the airplane and music is dubbed in with a couple slow motion replays of their expressions.

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HD HandyCam offers a unique perspective of your skydiving experience.

The student and instructor then deploy their parachute and slow down to a mild 10-20 mph for their canopy ride.  The HD Handy Cam video offers the unique audio of your first thoughts when the parachute first deploys and you reach a brief, “I feel safe” moment.  You then take the helm of the parachute and circle down towards the airport landing area.

The HD HandyCam Skydiving Video package is a great way to remember your skydiving experience.  Don’t forget to buy our photo / stills package to share everything on Facebook and Twitter with your friends.


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