AFF Level 1: Solo Skydiving “Learn to Skydive”


Accelerated Free Fall Level 1 includes all your ground training (4-6 hours), gear rental, radio, instruction, and skydive you need to start the process of becoming a USPA licensed skydiver.  During AFF Level 1, you will develop skills to jump out of a plane, free fall stable, and land your parachute safely.


Category ‘A’ – The First ‘solo skydiving’ Jump

Even if you have done a Tandem skydive with us, you will still need to complete a Ground School, about 4-6 hours, covering all aspects of the skydive. Usually in the same day, you will fly to 11,500 feet with 2 instructors. All 3 will exit the airplane together for a 42-50 second long Free Fall. You will deploy your own parachute at 5,500 feet.  You then steer your canopy down to the ground using both your prior training and normally a radio provided by TJP, with one of your instructors assisting you where to fly, for an ideal landing can fly it in for a smooth and comfortable landing. Each Category can be one or more jumps and will teach you more and more about Free Fall skydiving, flying parachutes and other aspects of the sport. When you graduate, you will have a fine set of skydiving skills enabling you to be self-supervised when you skydive. All training, gear and the jump is included in the price. Radios to assist you under parachute Friendly Staff with thousands of jumps Great Equipment with all the latest safety features Superb training Facilities and techniques   Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Learn to Skydive


AFF Level 1

AFF Level 1


Learn how to skydive:  Get you started on your USPA Category A license and become a solo skydiver in weeks!

 How Much? – $329 for Category A, all the training, equipment and the skydive.

What’s After That?? Well, explore our online information source, Accelerated Free Fall Training


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