November 15, 2015 update!


The Jumping Place Skydiving Center Update-

November 15, 2015 – By: Catherine L. Kloess

Hester Smith (Austin’s grandpa) at 88 years young looked awesome in free fall! Cathy and Austin Davis…tell me that is not the epitome of a mom/son bonding experience! How many people get to take grandpa on a skydive? Nesmiths come to mind. Come skydive-bring your parents… and grandparents!

May The Force Be With You

Georgians. Americans. They just think they can do anything…

Leanne, apparently American’s are not the only folks who think that they can do anything. Yep, I just called a person from Great Britain…”folks”.

Weather was perfect this past weekend. Flow was solid! Larry thanks for being willing to fly a Cessna after Captaining those Md-11’s. Sarah and Carl thanks for stepping up and helping out with manifesting this week! Sam- love your smile!

I was told the demographic here was not conducive to a successful skydiving center, that I could not have a skydiving center succeed in “farm country” in GA. Go ahead, tell me I cannot do something…

I don’t think the people outside of GA (Georgia and the abbreviation for General Aviation) understand that this place is the place for everything.

Thanks to everyone who is making skydiving happen at KTBR!

Now if we could just get Logan to transfer the video’s into the right file.

Austin and Logan,nice jump at the last minute on Sunday. Well done on getting Molly, Tracy, Trey and Emily up before sundown.

Jeff and Moses it was good to have you both back here! Congratulations to Greg and Moses on completing AFF! Greg and Katie are both on “a-license” fast track missions.

The Jumping Place Parachute landing

Filiberto much better second AFF! It had been at least 20 years since you jumped last. Yes, we count static line with the military as jumping!

We are growing, if you know anyone who is interested in part-time independent contracting please have them call Cathy at 912 322 7282.

Thanks especially to Austin for keeping the vibe solid…pretty sure I would not have kept my composure with Franklin doing what he did to your parachute. Respect to the better man. Gratitude.

Anyone interested in Friday jumping needs to get a group together and call Cathy 912 322 7282.