Accelerated Free Fall Pricing

Accelerated Free Fall Prices –

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A short summary of the Accelerated Free Fall individual courses and their pricing structure.  Prices are subject to change.  The concept of Accelerated Free Fall is to get you through the course and make sure that you are a safe, fully functioning skydiver.  Our personal goal is to get you to that point as inexpensively and quickly as we can, so you can be begin developing your skydiving skills on a more advanced level.

Our pricing is the most affordable in all of the skydiving industry.  We have a highly qualified staff and your training will not be rushed through.  Ever student we train becomes part of our family and we want to keep our family safe and skydiving.
AFF Complete Package: $1399.00 (Save $224)

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AFF Level 1:

  • 4-6 hour first class with a certified coach.
  • 2 instructors during skydive
  • Radio coaching during parachute ride
  • Extensive cutaway and emergency procedure
  • Gear rental

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AFF Level 2-3:

  • 2 instructors during your skydive
  • Application of lateral movement
  • Gear Rental
  • Radio Coaching under canopy
  • Ground Prep
  • Post Dive Review

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AFF Level 4-7:

  • 1 instructor during freefall
  • Flip and Barrel rolls
  • Diving Exit procedure
  • AFF Certification upon graduation
  • Ground Prep
  • Post Dive Review


Other Options
 We offer a static line or Instructor aided deployment option.  This is the more traditional means of skydiving education, please call if interested.
 Tandem Progression is a great way to learn to skydive if you’re a little standoffish about piloting your own parachute on your first skydive
 Coaching after your first 7 skydives will be offered when needed or desired.


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