Learn to Skydive for FREE!


Learn to skydive for FREE!

Learn to Skydive for Free! Accelerated Free Fall Ground Course on November 4th and 5th for Free.

We want to teach you how to skydive for FREE! Accelerate Free Fall Skydiving Course will be taught by one or more United States Parachute Association AFF Instructors for The Jumping Place Skydiving Center in Statesboro, GA. Save $69 by taking advantage of this first time offer.

Course will last between 3-6 hours on Friday and Saturday the weekend of November 4th. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about aviation, skydiving, and possibly become a USPA certified A license holder.

Skydiving is a great experience for anyone taking part. The skills you will learn in this course will empower you both as a skydiver and to conquer a number of life related challenges.

This is a one time offer to learn how to skydive for free. Reservation is required, call Cathy 912-322-7282 or book online.